Whether we live in a large or small community of Iyengar students, our Regional Representatives (RR) are there to help build relationships.

  • As an IYAC/ACYI member, if you have a concern or an area of interest, your local RR is the person to be in touch with. She will in turn, communicate your views to the appropriate committee or board member.
  • He/she can guide you to the documents you may need for Assessment, how to find information on the By-Laws, where to look for Ethics documents and show you the links to the IYAC/ACYI Directory, the BKS Iyengar website, the Library and Archives, etc. on the website.
  • RR's seek out and communicate in a timely manner, information about activities such as workshops, teacher-training assessments, fundraisers and special events that are local as well as national.
  • They also report on Iyengar Yoga events after they’ve happened! Articles can be submitted to your local Rep who will forward them to the newsletter editor or the website or Facebook contact. Photos are most welcome and we encourage our members to designate a person to report on these events if the Regional Rep can't be present
  • RR's announce new certifications to the members in the region.
  • Please let your Regional Rep know if your email address changes, by logging into this system and updating your email in the Edit tab of your profile. It's her way to stay in touch with you.

Region Regional Rep Contact
British Columbia Jessie Kerr
Alberta Inga Norkute
Prairies: Manitoba and Saskatchewan Pamela Nelson
Ontario Whitney Lord
Ottawa-Gatineau Leigh Stevenson
Quebec Christine Michaud
Maritimes: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island Petra Rykers
Newfoundland and Labrador Vacant Position (more info...)
Vancouver Island & Yukon Jessie Kerr
International Vacant Position (more info...)